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Welcome!  You are lovingly invited to escape the mundane and experience an amazing, magical journey into the mystery of your own intuitive, creative source. Gift yourself enough time and space to reconnect mindfully and passionately, get grounded and inspired, and re-ignite your radiance. Let yourself glow.

Whether Intuitive Process Painting™, creating an Inspired Life Collage™, or enjoying Watercolor Flow, PYGO! classes encourage you to express freely in a safe place so you regain radiance, clarity, joy, and release old limits. I look forward to creating with you soon. - Montine

Our classes and retreats serve artists and non-artists alike.  We break through blocks and free creative bliss so you can let go of perfection and control. Paint Your Guts Out!® classes and workshops have been delivered to hundreds of individuals and groups, for personal growth and inspiration since 2001. Learn more about Our Approach and read over a decade of testimonials.


Each class is brimming with inspirational guidance, creativity coaching, relaxation tools, and plenty of time for hands-on art-making. Participants are grateful to quiet their inner critic and simply enjoy nourishment from the process. Here's what they've said:

  • Boost creativity: "These classes unlock something that makes my creative writing more accessible.” – Jill A.
  • Awaken inspiration:  "After leaving, I was totally inspired.  My creative side exploded and I'm going to the art supply store today!" - Jacque M.
  • Strengthen intuition: “I’m not afraid of paint and canvas anymore.  I can just let go and absolutely be in the flow of it.” – Ann H.
  • Let Go of Control: "Each time I go, something else in me loosens." – J.H. 
  • Access inner wisdom: "PYGO allowed me to find the "Real Penny" again." - Penny T.

In each class, we focus on the process instead of the product. The approach makes painting almost like dreaming - images and colors bubble up from within, expanding, taking shape, changing form, without any preconceived expectations. The benefits extend well beyond the time you are in the art studio, as you'll discover how to grow your flow in other areas of life. Learn more about the benefits of intuitive expression.

So many people tell me they are not artists and yet - after just one intuitive art class - immediately resonate with the deep, personal gifts possible through the creative process. I am honored to share this journey with you. Thank you.
— Montine

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       We like hearing from YOU.        Please share any feedback.

       We like hearing from YOU.
       Please share any feedback.